Dan in Real Life 2007

Advice columnist, Dan Burns is an expert on relationships, but somehow struggles to succeed as a brother, a son and a single parent to three precocious daughters. Things get even more complicated when Dan finds out that the woman he falls in love with is actually his brother's new girlfriend.

Dan Dream 2017

A small group of eccentric pioneers join forces, in order to do the impossible and create world history in the early 1980s of Denmark

De Dana Dan 2009

Nitin (Akshay Kumar) and Ram (Suniel Shetty) are only lucky in love, otherwise their life is a big zero as is their bank balance. But now their rich girlfriends, Anjali (Katrina Kaif) and Manpreet (Sameera Reddy) have given them an ultimatum – earn enough money so that we can elope or forget us forever. Broke and desperate Nitin and Ram need to make big money and fast.

Han Dan 2019

An upstanding young man commits a reckless act that ends in life changing tragedy. His doomed rival becomes his friend only to become his rival again.

The Final Day of Rudolf Nietsche 2018

A day in the life of Rudolf Nietsche, a man who has never even been able to secure a seat on the train, let alone his place in life; a man lacking that Z in his surname, a small yet crucial letter.

Night Must Fall 1964

A psychotic killer gets in the good graces of his aging invalid employer, and worms his way into the affection of her beautiful daughter, with unpleasant results for all.

When Day Breaks 2012

The story of a retired music professor, Misha Brankov, who under unusual circumstances discovers his true origins. At the place where once stood a Nazi concentration camp for Jews during World War II, a metal box filled with documents is found. It was buried by an inmate Isaac Weiss in the year 1941. The professor finds out that his real parents, the Weiss's, gave him away to their friends, the Brankovs, just before they were taken into the camp. Inside the box there is an unfinished musical score, called "When day breaks", composed by the inmate Isaac Weiss. Searching for the truth about himself and his origins, Misha discovers the little-known truth about Judenlager Semlin camp, one of the worst Nazi execution sites in the heart of contemporary Belgrade. At the same time, the professor's obsession is to complete the composition, started by his father, and to perform it on the site of the former camp... which he, after many vicissitudes, finally succeeds.

Sexy Girls of Denmark 1973

This is a film about the movie industry, about favors, hooking up etc. It is mostly set in Copenhagen and the story begins with the son of a big producer going to Copenhagen from Hong Kong trying to seal a deal. He gets involved with the Denmark girls.

Sifu Dan Tongga 2009

The film begins with a hunting by Mama Tammy and Izaqs to find those who are still living Watson. Izaq kidnapped Milla by helicopter and took him to the city. Chief of General descendants Watson feels very sad to learn that Mila was kidnapped. As too sympathetic to the distress faced by the chief, Sifu and his best friend, Tongga promise to save Mila.

Fourteen Days 1960

The topic of this routine, romantic drama is a little unusual - it concerns what some prisoners do when they are allowed out of jail for two weeks before their sentences are up. Rather than receiving some special dispensation, it turns out that in Yugoslavia this was the custom. Most of the time, the men here are engaged in pursuits that forward their relationships with the fairer sex, as might be expected after a long and lonely incarceration. There is nothing particularly profound about their two weeks of liberty, and no deep message in the tale.

Tillie and Gus 1933

Tillie and Augustus Winterbottom are thought to be missionaries when they arrive to find Phineas Pratt trying cheat the Sheridans out of her father's inheritance, including a ferry franchise and a boat. The only way to keep the franchise is to win a race against Pratt's boat.

Independence Day 1996

On July 2, a giant alien mothership enters orbit around Earth and deploys several dozen saucer-shaped 'destroyer' spacecraft that quickly lay waste to major cities around the planet. On July 3, the United States conducts a coordinated counterattack that fails. On July 4, a plan is devised to gain access to the interior of the alien mothership in space, in order to plant a nuclear missile.

The Shooting of Dan McGoo 1945

Dangerous Dan McGoo (Droopy) faces the wolf, a dangerous outlaw who is trying to steal his girl Lou, during the Alaska gold rush. Loosely based on "The Shooting of Dan McGrew" by Robert W. Service.

Poseidon 2006

A packed cruise ship traveling the Atlantic is hit and overturned by a massive wave, compelling the passengers to begin a dramatic fight for their lives.

Dan August 1970

Dan August is a Quinn Martin crime drama series which aired on ABC from 1970-1971. The series stars Burt Reynolds as the title character. Reruns of Dan August aired in prime time on CBS from May to October 1973 and from April to June 1975.

Dan Vs. 2011

Dan, a lovable misanthrope, and his pal Chris take on different adversaries on a ceaseless quest for justice.

Dino Dan 2009

Join paleontologist-in-training Dan Henderson as he takes kids on a Jurassic journey to the land where lizards were as long as three school buses and terrifying T-Rex’s ruled.

Undeniable with Dan Patrick 2015

A one‐on‐one interview show that gives legendary athletes and coaches the opportunity to share their ascent to the pinnacle of success through their personal life stories and philosophies.

Legend of Hyang Dan 2007

Legend of Hyang Dan was a 2-episode Korean TV drama that first aired on September 3, 2007 on MBC.

Xia Gan Yi Dan Shen Jianxin 2018

Shen Jianxin is a security guard for Rye Scent Village, an average youth determined to become a legendary hero. While paying his respects at the prestigious Pure Yang Palace of Jianghu, he learned the palace’s ancestral secret manuals by accident. However, he was unaware of the power he gained. Thus, he entered Jianghu and gradually matured while experiencing the turmoil of Jianghu during the prosperous Tang Dynasty. An obscure security guard with unparalleled martial arts in Jianghu: who knows what storms are ahead?

Great Minds with Dan Harmon 2016

Writer Dan Harmon has his assistant Spencer Crittenden construct a time machine to transport historical figures from the past so he can interview them. The interviewees only survive for a few hours before undergoing a "total protoplasmic disconversion" and collapsing into dust, which Spencer collects in a jar.

Kau dan Aku 2009

Kau dan Aku is a Malaysian adaptation drama from a Venezuelan television series called Somos Tu Y Yo. This drama airs at Astro Ria every Saturday at 10 PM.

Dan Raven 1960

Dan Raven is an American crime drama starring Skip Homeier which aired on NBC between January 23, 1960, and January 6, 1961. The setting of the series is the famous Sunset Strip of West Hollywood, California. The series focuses on activities of the sheriff's department, including those of the fictitious Lieutenant Dan Raven and his assistant, Sergeant Burke, played by Dan Barton. Quinn K. Redeker appeared as photographer Perry Levitt. The program aired for a half-hour from January 1960 until September 23, when it expanded for thirteen hour-long segments. Dan Raven featured contemporary celebrities appearing as themselves, including Buddy Hackett, Paul Anka, Marty Ingels, Bob Crewe, and Bobby Darin. Darin appeared in the first of the hour-long episodes, "The High Cost of Fame". The long-running 77 Sunset Strip ran on ABC at 9 p.m. Eastern on the same Friday evenings as Dan Raven, which started at 7:30. Dan Raven, in the hour format, faced difficult opposition from the second season of CBS Western series Rawhide starring Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood. Its competition on ABC was the sitcom Harrigan and Son, starring Pat O'Brien and Roger Perry. Other selected episodes include: ⁕"The Mechanic" with Buddy Hackett on September 30

Diver Dan

Diver Dan was a series of 104 seven-minute live-action shorts made for children's television. Made by Brian Cartoons, it was syndicated and distributed by ITC Entertainment. The shows were sometimes re-edited into half-hour blocks by local stations. The series featured the adventures of a diver in an old-fashioned diving suit who talked to the passing fish. The series was filmed in live action with puppet fish; the underwater effect was achieved by shooting through an aquarium.

Dan & Becs

Dan & Becs was an Irish comedy television series aired on RTÉ Two. It portrayed the lives of an affluent South Dublin couple. Dan was played by Dave Coffey and Becs was played by Holly White. In 2008 the show was nominated for an IFTA in the Best Television Entertainment Category. The show ended in 2007 after two series. Both series were released in December 2007 on one DVD with added extras. Creator Dave Coffey, who also played Dan in the show, is working on a new show, Sarah & Steve which he described as a "sweet romantic comedy about a relationship between two working class people based in Tallaght".

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