Haze 2005

A man awakes to find himself trapped in a dirty, confined crawlspace. He barely has enough room to move. He also has no memory of why he’s there, or why he’s bleeding from a stomach wound. Apparently drugged, he occasionally ‘zones out’ of his surroundings as he tries to edge towards his way to freedom. But the more he explores, the more pain he has to endure, and the more frightening his predicament becomes.

Haze 2017

Nick Forest, a college freshman, wants nothing more than to join a fraternity. However, in the wake of a brutal hazing death on campus, his estranged older brother, Pete, is rallying against the Greek system. Nick ignores Pete's protests and rushes Psi Theta Epsilon, notorious for its rumored hazing practices. As Nick begins the pledging process, he relishes the bonding and the partying, especially with Sophie, an irresistible sorority tease. When Nick’s close friend, Mimi, struggles with her own sorority experience, and his fraternity’s rumored hazing turns dangerously real, Nick begins to question everything. But is he in too deep? A modern retelling of the ancient Greek myth of Dionysus -- the god of wine, revelry, and ecstasy -- HAZE is a raw, shocking glimpse into a world of institutionalized savagery and into the heart of a young man driven by a desperate need for acceptance and brotherhood.

Haze 2014

A guy struggles to explain what happened the night before.

Haze 2008

Escaping the heat, humidity and haze outside, two teenagers stay indoors and play out an innocent love affair.

Haze 2015

About the notorious batang hamog loitering in main thoroughfares such as EDSA.

Beijing Haze 2008

For a new Chinese immigrant, one dream ends as another begins.

Desert Haze 2014

The American West. We have arrived in a world where human life would seem to be impossible: an arid, mythical landscape characterized by absence. Absence of water, trees, life. In the beginning there was nothing. But then traces start appearing. Desert Haze tells the many layered story of human presence in the American Desert.

Gowanus Haze 2012

The filmmaker returns to her old neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. The footage captures a landscape known as The Gowanus Canal, an area of Brooklyn, which was once inhabited by a productive port and industrial compound. The area is now overly polluted and is officially registered as a superfund site by the US environmental protection agency. Using the Gowanus Canal and surrounding landscape as a moment for reflection on the past, this film addresses the role of landscape and how it can work to incite memory and exercise reflection.

Shooting the Haze

On the night of her anniversary, a young English teacher named Kate takes a drug known as "the haze," which lets its users relive memories. Before long, Kate's relationship with her boyfriend and grasp on sanity itself becomes jeopardized, as she is drawn irrevocably towards a figure from her past.

Haze and Fog 2014

Darkly humorous reinterpretation of the zombie film, set in Beijing. Here the undead are real estate agents, nouveau riche businessmen, security guards, manicurists, and sex workers seeking contact in an increasingly individualized, alienating society.

HAZE: It's Complicated

This documentary presents the scientific facts behind the issue of peat haze as well as points of view and opinions from local and regional stakeholders. The burning of the peat forests throughout tropical Southeast Asia creates pollution, and this posed significant challenges to human health and the economies of the region during the second decade of the 21st century. The problem of peat haze pollution has been somewhat mitigated in recent years but in spite of this positive progress a few of the critical issues are yet to be solved. A complete solution to this complex issue will not be a simple one.

Through Icy Haze 1965

After the events of 1905, the proletariat slowly retreated with battle. The Lenin headquarters of the leadership of the revolution was moved to Finland. There Lenin and Krupskaya live illegally in safe houses. Vladimir Ilyich works on his articles, occasionally his associates visit him, sometimes he goes to the city for meetings with his party comrades — Gorky, Kalinin, Krasin, and others. By all possible means, Lenin directs the activities of the Bolsheviks in Russia...

Hope Amongst the Haze

Hope Amongst the Haze follows the inspiring grassroots movement taking place in Mumbai as residents band together in an effort to save the environment. As the government continues to struggle to accommodate the budding population, and the 7,700 tons of trash generated daily, residents have implemented their own sanitation procedures in one of the most inspirational environmental movements of our time.

Trapped in a Purple Haze 2000

When a charismatic teenager falters under constant pressure from his parents and school, he makes a potentially deadly mistake.

The Kronicles of Scott Green and Marty Haze 2012

This Film is based on the true experiences of two university students on April 19, 2009. A run in with campus security leaves Scott and Marty with no marijuana to celebrate their beloved holiday, 420. The boys are then left with no choice but to stand up to the law and take back what is rightfully theirs.

Hazel's People 1973

An NYU student visits a Mennonite friend in Lancaster, Pennsylvania after a fellow Mennonite is killed while protesting the Vietnam War.

Hazel 1961

Hazel is an American sitcom about a fictional live-in maid named Hazel Burke and her employers, the Baxters. The five-season, 154-episode series aired in primetime from September 28, 1961 until April 11, 1966 and was produced by Screen Gems. The show aired on NBC for its first four seasons, and then on CBS for its final season. The first season, except for one color episode was in black and white, the remainder in color. The show was based on the popular single-panel comic strip by cartoonist Ted Key, which appeared in the Saturday Evening Post.

Flipping Out 2007

Flipping Out is an American reality television series centered on designer Jeff Lewis in Los Angeles, California, and his entourage that consists of his project manager Jenni, housekeeper Zoila, business manager and boyfriend Gage and his other assistant and helper.

Crossing of Heat Haze 2007

Kagerō no Tsuji Inemuri Iwane Edo Zōshi is a Japanese television series that first aired on NHK on July 19, 2007.

Hazell 1978

Hazell is a British television series that ran from 1978–1979, about a fictional private detective named James Hazell.

Grand Designs 1999

British television series which features unusual and often elaborate architectural homebuilding projects.

The Hazel Scott Show 1950

The Hazel Scott Show was an early American television program broadcast on the now defunct DuMont Television Network. The series ran during the summer of 1950, and is most notable for being the first U.S. network television series to be hosted by a African American woman.

Primal Survivor 2016

Hazen Audel embarks on an epic trek that will mirror a traditional Berber nomad journey across the Saharan desert cauldron to an oasis.

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