Cannibal 2006

Cannibal is based on the true-crime story of Armin Meiwes, the "Rotenburg Cannibal" who posted an online ad searching for someone to volunteer to be mutilated and eaten. Unlikely as it may seem, someone actually replied. The film shows a fictional portrayal of the meeting between the cannibal and his victim/participant, their homosexual relationship, and the eventual mutilation and murder of said victim.

Cannibal Ferox 1981

Three friends out to disprove cannibalism meet two men on the run who tortured and enslaved a cannibal tribe to find emeralds, and now the tribe is out for revenge.

Cannibal Holocaust 1980

A New York University professor returns from a rescue mission to the Amazon rainforest with the footage shot by a lost team of documentarians who were making a film about the area's local cannibal tribes.

Cannibal! The Musical 1993

Heading through Colorado Territory in search of gold and women, Alferd Packer and his group of bemused companions find themselves lost, starving and musically inspired by the obstacles they confront along the way, including a die-hard Confederate cyclops, a trio of surly trappers, a tribe of Japanese-speaking "Indians," and ultimately, each other.

Cannibal 2013

Carlos is the most prestigious tailor in Granada, but he's also a murderer in the shadows. He feels no remorse, no guilt, until Nina appears in his life and love awakens.

Cannibal Terror 1980

After botching a kidnapping, two criminals hide with their victim in a friends house in the jungle. After one of them rapes the friend's wife, they're left to be eaten by a nearby cannibal tribe.

Cannibal Girls 1973

A young couple spend the night in a restaurant, only to find out that it is haunted by three dead women who hunger for human flesh.

Blood Lust 2016

It focuses on two friends, one of whom pursues a relationship with a mysterious woman who part owns a guest house and who he has been dating online. Problems occur when guests at the isolated guest house begin to disappear and the guys discover the truth about the woman and her monstrous sisters and how they must escape from a mysterious island if they want to survive beyond dawn.

Cannibal Capers 1930

A group of cannibals gather together for a tribal dance. In the middle of their gala, they are interrupted by a ferocious lion!

Cannibal 2010

Max is agoraphobic and lives in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. One night, he finds a beautiful unconscious woman (Bianca). Her body is covered with blood.

Cannibal Attack 1954

Jungle Jim fights enemy agents who are trying to steal cobalt while disguised as crocodiles.

Cannibal World 2004

The network where the famous anchorwoman Grace Forsyte works, is collapsing and she would do everything to regain the favour of the audience, therefore she convinces her professional team to go to the Amazon jungle for a sensational scoop about the cannibals

Cannibal Hookers 2018

Two women posing as hookers for a sorority initiation turn into zombies and start eating the locals.

The Green Inferno 1988

Four friends head into the jungle to locate a lost professor but instead face off against treasure hunters who are torturing and killing natives.

The Cannibal Club 2018

Baking in the sun with a cocktail, a splash in the pool and the occasional chunk of human flesh. The stinking-rich Gilda and Octavio have a gruesome and kooky hobby. The Cannibal Club is a delightful dark-comic blow-up of the Brazilian super-rich and their ivory towers.

The Cannibal Man 1972

A young man, Marco, working as a butcher, accidentally kills a taxi driver. His girlfriend Paula wants to go to the police so he has to kill her too. He then has to kill his brother, his brother’s fiancée and his father, who have become suspicious. He gets rid of the bodies by taking them to a slaughter house.

Diary of a Cannibal 2007

They met on the Internet. They fell in love. They drove to the desert and stopped at an abandoned warehouse. They wandered inside. Inside they found unspeakable horror. Only one of them survived the ordeal of CANNIBAL. From a hospital bed, an injured Noelle tells shocked police detectives a tale of cannibal terror. In recounting her ordeal, the detectives learn of an even more awful truth behind the actions of this tragic couple. Horror master Ulli Lommel's depraved tale of a modern-day CANNIBAL is based on the real-life case of a man who murdered and consumed his lover -- liver and all! -- in a strange act of consensual love. In Lommel's film of the events, two star-crossed lovers enter a world where madness rules and even a loved one can transform into a flesh-eating cannibal.

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