Bhaskar The Rascal 2015

Businessman Bhaskaran Pillai builds a large commercial empire until his wife dies. Under pressure from his son, Bhaskaran goes on a trip where he meets Hima, a small-business owner.

Robby the Rascal 1982

Cybot Robotchi, known in the United States as Robby the Rascal, is a 39-episode anime television series created by Ken Ishikawa and produced by Go Nagai's Dynamic Productions and the Knack animation studio. The series aired on TV Tokyo in Japan from October 1982 to June 1983. The series featured contributions from Tetsuro Amino as a storyboard artist and Masayuki Kojima as an episode director. A feature-length English-dubbed version comprising several episodes edited together into a movie, titled Robby the Rascal, was produced by Jim Terry's Kidpix Productions and released on home video in the United States in 1985. However, the English version deleted much of the risque humor that, while not uncommon in children's animation in Japan, would be considered unacceptable by American standards, with the policewoman Sachiko being the usual target of the fan service-oriented humor. The TV series also aired in its entirety in Italy under the title Robottino, and some episodes are also available in Spanish as Robotete.

Rascal the Raccoon 1977

Rascal the Raccoon is a Japanese anime series by Nippon Animation. It is based on the 1963 autobiographical novel "Rascal, A Memoir of a Better Era" by Sterling North.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai 2018

Puberty Syndrome—a rumored, mysterious syndrome that only affects those in their puberty. For example, a bunny girl suddenly appeared in front of Sakuta Azusagawa. The bunny girl's real identity is Mai Sakurajima, a teenage celebrity who is currently an inactive high school senior. For some reason, her charming figure does not reflect in the eyes of others. In the course of revealing the mystery behind this phenomenon, Sakuta begins to explore his feelings towards Mai. Set in a city where the skies and seas shine, Sakuta unfolds the meaning behind his bizarre encounters on women with the said syndrome.

Desi Rascals 2015

The cameras follow the lives of modern and dynamic members of the British-Asian community living in West London.

The Little Rascals 1982

The Little Rascals was a 1982–1984 Saturday morning cartoon series produced jointly by Hanna-Barbera Productions and King World, and broadcast on ABC. Based upon the classic Our Gang comedy short films, it was part of a 90-minute package program, The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show, with Pac-Man and Richie Rich in 1982–1983, and part of the 30-minute The Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show in 1983 – 1984.

Those Scurvy Rascals

Those Scurvy Rascals is a children's animated series following the adventures of three underwear obsessed pirates. First aired by Nickelodeon UK in May 2005, it is now broadcast worldwide. The main characters Sissy Le Poop, Smelly Pete and Shark Bait all live on the ship called "The Soiled Pair" and go on a different random adventure in every episode. The series was developed and produced by Blue-Zoo Productions and is owned by Entara. The opening sequence features their ship and the names of the characters. The theme song is as follows:

Our Gang 1922

Our Gang is a series of American comedy short films about a group of poor neighborhood children and their adventures. Created by comedy producer Hal Roach, the series is noted for showing children behaving in a relatively natural way, as Roach and original director Robert F. McGowan worked to film the unaffected, raw nuances apparent in regular children rather than have them imitate adult acting styles. In addition, Our Gang notably put boys, girls, whites and blacks together as equals, something that "broke new ground," according to film historian Leonard Maltin. That had never been done before in cinema, but has since been repeated after the success of Our Gang. The first production at the Roach studio in 1922 was a series of silent short subjects. When Roach changed distributors from Pathé to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1927, and converted the series to sound in 1929, the series took off. Production continued at the Roach studio until 1938, when the series was sold to MGM, continuing to produce the comedies until 1944. The Our Gang series includes 220 shorts and one feature film, General Spanky, featuring over forty-one child actors. As MGM retained the rights to the Our Gang trademark following their purchase of the production rights, the 80 Roach-produced "talkies" were syndicated for television under the title The Little Rascals beginning in 1955. Both Roach's The Little Rascals package and MGM's Our Gang package have since remained in syndication, with periodic new productions based on the shorts surfacing over the years, including a 1994 Little Rascals feature film released by Universal Pictures.

The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show

The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show was a package show produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions in 1982 for ABC Saturday mornings. In 1983, Pac-Man was given its own half-hour, and the program was retitled The Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show. The show contained the following segments: Pac-Man, Richie Rich, and The Little Rascals.

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