ROH Best in the World 2015 2015

“Best in the World” returns to New York for the first time since 2012 and fans will see one of ROH’s most prestigious events live at Terminal 5 and on all major cable and satellite providers. Enjoy wrestling innovation, epic rivalries and World Championship bouts live!

Who Are You: School 2015 2015

Set at a prestigious private high school in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. Eun-Byeol is a popular student at the private high school. She goes missing and returns, but she has lost her memory. She tries to find out the truth.

Catastrophe 2015

Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan write and star in a comedy that follows an American man and an Irish woman who make a bloody mess as they struggle to fall in love in London.

Heidi 2015

Knee-high to a grasshopper, Heidi, a young orphan brunette with curly hair and the face of an angel, is brought by her aunt to the Swiss Alps to live with her grand-father, a silent and solitary old man. Taking up the challenges of her new existence, she will display all her strength and natural resources to find her rightful place in a sometimes harsh and unfriendly environment. Whether in the magnificent mountain settings with Peter, the goatherd or shut away in a big mansion in Frankfurt with Clara, a disabled girl confined to a wheelchair, Heidi will learn the priceless value of friendship and mutual help. Like a ray of sunshine, Heidi lights up and soothes the hearts of people and animals around her, inspiring them with her enthusiastic, generous and wonderful zest for life. The essence of a positive heroine, Heidi goes through life in the present without ever losing her innocence and her free-spirited manners.

Death Note 2015

Light Yagami is an ordinary university student. One day, he receives a death note which changes his life. The death note awakens his warped sense of justice and genius. He becomes murderer Kira and punishes criminals. L is a well known private detective. L appears in front of Light Yagami. L defines Kira as evil and decides to catch Kira. Then N, who has a beautiful appearance but dangerous existence, appears.

The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 2015

Many great men come from humble beginnings. During the end of the tumultuous Chosun Dynasty, Chun Bong Sam is a poor peddler who inherits a run-down inn. Through hard work and perseverance against a corrupt bureaucracy, Bong Sam achieves great success and becomes a powerful merchant. Can he help shape the way that industry and business should be done in the emerging modern era? It is based on the novel “Gaekju” by Kim Joo Young.

BattleBots 2015

BattleBots promises to wow viewers with next generation robots—bigger, faster and stronger than ever before. The show will focus on the design and build of each robot, the bot builder backstories, their intense pursuit of the championship and the spectacle of the event.

Empire 2015

A powerful family drama about the head of a music empire whose three sons and ex-wife all battle for his throne.

Fear the Walking Dead 2015

What did the world look like as it was transforming into the horrifying apocalypse depicted in "The Walking Dead"? This spin-off set in Los Angeles, following new characters as they face the beginning of the end of the world, will answer that question.

BBC Young Dancer 2015

BBC Young Dancer 2015 is a brand new award for young people that showcases the very best of young British dance talent. Young dancers enter in one of four categories of dance: ballet, contemporary, hip hop and South Asian dance. BBC Young Dancer 2015 culminates in a grand final at Sadler's Wells, when the best dancers in each category will dance against each other for the title.

BBC This World - The Bin Laden Conspiracy? (2015) 2015

When an elite team of American special forces stormed a compound in Pakistan and killed the world's most wanted terror target it was the high point of Barack Obama's presidency. But as more and more information emerges, the doubts about the official account of Osama Bin Laden's death have been raised - to the point where veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has now alleged that the whole story was fabricated. For the BBC's award winning This World strand, Jane Corbin examines the evidence for this supposed conspiracy and uses a treasure trove of newly released documents to reconstruct Bin Laden's life in his secret compound.

Desafio 2004

Desafío is a reality show in which a number of participants should survive, live together, and compete in 4 different stages, for a big price in money. These contestants are grouped into three teams according to the theme chosen in each season. Social classes, generations, regions of the country and the degree of popularity are the elements used to give identity to these groups. Another one of the characteristics of the Challenge and which encloses the success of this format is that the conditions of life in this competition are not fair. While a group spends its day in a beach house with servants, exquisite delicacies (High Beach), the other group suffers the complete lack of accommodation and food (Low Beach). In this reality, as in real life, the teams would be able to exceed or fall on their comfort levels, depending on the performance in the territorial Challenges.

Three 2014

This TV series follows long-term couple Dylan and Patrick, for whom the thrill is gone though the love remains. Dylan isn't quite convinced that Patrick's suggestion of adding another guy into the mix is the right answer. That doesn't stop them, however, from pursuing some hot eligible candidates! A funny and poignant exploration of monogamy in gay relationships. Told over six sizzling episodes, the hit romantic comedy-drama series comes from Nashville-based writer-director-creator Jeff Swafford, the same guy behind the hit "Crazy All These Years". It asks the question if two gay men can be together long-term and still remain monogamous. Everyone has an opinion and if there is an answer it can be looked at in degrees. The issue that is rarely spoken about is seen on the screen. It reflects some of the challenges that many have experienced in their own relationships. Actually the series is more about non-monogamy, and the possibilities of polyamory and faces them head on. Writer-director-creator Jeff Swafford said that he wanted to tell a story that really explored what happens to a relationship when a third person is introduced. While this my sound super-serious, let me assure you that there is a lot of comedy here and an interesting exploration of monogamy in gay relationships.

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