Beirut 2018

In 1980s Beirut, Mason Skiles is a former U.S. diplomat who is called back into service to save a colleague from the group that is possibly responsible for his own family's death. Meanwhile, a CIA field agent who is working under cover at the American embassy is tasked with keeping Mason alive and ensuring that the mission is a success.

Beirut - Cheap Magic Inside 2007

In this DVD, you'll discover Beirut's latest album go live. On September, Chryde and Vincent Moon went to New York to film the band play all the tracks from the Flying Club Cup in bars, rooms, parks and even in an ice-cream truck garage. In the hour-long movie they brought back, Zach Condon wanders alone in Brooklyn and eventually finds, in each place, his band waiting for him, behind a door, on stairs..

Beirut oh Beirut 1975

In the aftermath of the 1967 defeat, four young Lebanese try to figure out their places in a society whose rules seem to have changed. It proved to be an extraordinary anticipation of the civil war that would engulf the country while the film was being edited.

Beirut Outtakes 2007

Fragments from movies found in an abandoned cinema in Beirut. Retrieved by Mr. Salloum. Assembled by Ms. Ahwesh.

Secret Agent Fireball 1965

An American CIA agent (Richard Harrison) must find the whereabouts of valuable microfilm that was smuggled over by two Russian scientists who had been hoping to defect.

Agent 505 - Death Trap Beirut 1966

A couple of beautiful girls are murdered while sunbathing at a luxury hotel. The killer too is murdered, but able to reveal – before dying - that they were disposed of because the “knew too much”. Something bad is being planned in Beirut, and it has something to do with a man called The Sheikh, who has only four fingers. It seems this isn’t a lone incident. The Sheikh is also thought to be behind the assassination of several prominent scientists.

Granular Film - Beirut 2016

The capital of Lebanon burns through photo-chemical manipulation, specifically variations on Mordançage and Chromaflex film processing techniques. Still, the images from one of the oldest cities in the world remain recognizable... The footage is almost entirely edited in camera. The sound design includes field recordings, modular synthesizers, and Buzuk samples by Bob Lachapelle.

The Woman from Beirut 1965

Isabel is a beautiful aspiring singer with great aspirations but persistent bad luck convicted of a crime she did not commit. Serving time in prison she is released under parole and lands a singing gig at a dive in Barcelona where she meets Sandro "The Greek" and his partner lover Gloria. The couple is posing as entertainment promoters but they are really running a prostitution ring based in Beirut. They offer Isabel a two-year contract to perform in "night clubs" in the Near and Mideast even after they learn that she cannot travel abroad due to her legal status. Upon arrival in Beirut, Isabel and the other girls are sped away to a luxurious villa where they discover the real intentions of the pseudo-promoters. They are expected to sing and dance but also to engage in sexual activities with the rich clients that patronize the place. Isabel pretends to go along with the situation but she has a plan to get away

Beirut: The Encounter 1981

Zeina (Nadine Acoury) is a Catholic student whose good friend Haidar (Haithem El Amine), a Muslim, has always been particularly close. After a futile attempt to get together (he gets caught in traffic), they each decide to make an audio tape trying to explain, based on their own ideas, why there continues to be fighting in Lebanon now, in 1977, and why they are against it. Zeina is about to leave for the United States and Haidar is to meet her at the airport, where they will exchange their tapes. Alas, fate intervenes because when he arrives early at the airport, he is harassed by someone looking to prey on gullible refugees and he gets so angry that he grabs a taxi out of there, throwing his tape away as he does so. When Zeina arrives and realizes he is not there, she is broken-hearted. In a strange twist at the end, the cast and the director (Borhane Alaouie) have a discussion as to whether or not the character of Haidar should kill himself.

Beirut Phantom 1998

Late in the 1980s it seems like the Lebanese conflict will never end. Khalil returns to Beirut after many years. Ten years earlier, during a battle, he took advantage of the confusion and pretended he was dead.

A Letter from Beirut 1979

Letter from Beirut documents the filmmaker's return to Beirut during one of the lulls, three years after the outbreak of the civil war, animated by the urge to return. She is confronted by the physical, emotional and psychological ravages of the war, terrified and sorrowful, she cannot find her place in the city. In that quest, she communicates with everyday people, friends, neighbors, people riding the bus across the city's eastern and western flanks. To pace her journeying and dramatic unraveling of the film, Saab borrows the guise of a letter read in a voice-over, written by world-renowned poet Etel Adnan. A rare document from the civil war, Letter from Beirut lays bare and spontaneously how people make sense of their everyday in the midst of chaos, violence, terror and sorrow.

Beirut Open City 2008

The film takes place after the Lebanese Civil War during the 1990s and the Syrian occupation of Lebanon.

From Beirut to Bosnia 1993

The British correspondent in Lebanon, "Robert Fisk", tries to find the roots of misunderstanding between the Muslims and the Western World, and why some Muslims do not trust the West. He travels from Lebanon to Palestine,then to Egypt, and finally concludes his journey in the terrorized Balkan. He also makes a short trip to Poland, showing an eloquent description of the Holocaust.

Beirut Exploded Views 2014

In a city post-apocalypse, young men communicate only through smart devices. They make home out of urban debris. They can’t speak to each other, but are still able to dream.

Twenty-Four Hours to Kill 1965

When a jet airliner with engine trouble lands in Beirut for a twenty-four hour stopover, purser 'Jonesey' fears his life is in danger from a gold-smuggling gang whom he double-crossed on a previous trip. So begins a day of chilling suspense, as he and other crew members find themselves embroiled in a desperate race to get out of the country alive!

Beirut Hotel 2011

One evening, a married young singer Zoha meets the French lawyer Mathieu in a night club in Beirut. Mathieu will become suspected of spying, while Zoha is trying to flee from her husband. Despite these problems, the two will witness a love story for few days mixed with violence and fear.

Between Us Two... Beirut 1993

The story of two sisters, Dima and Rim, and the city where they grew up, Beirut. Dima left Lebanon in 1984 to study in Belgium. Rim never left and is a painter. The two have lived the events of Beirut to their fullest.

Nemr: No Bombing in Beirut 2017

In this special filmed in both Lebanon and America, Nemr puts together an hour of uproarious comedy capturing thousands of people from the Middle East and America laughing at the same jokes, told by the same man.

Beirut: The Last Home Movie 1987

Beirut: The Last Home Movie is a 1987 documentary film directed by Jennifer Fox. It follows the life of Gaby Bustros and her family, who live in in a 200-year old mansion in Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War. The Bustros family, one of the noble families of Beirut, remain in their ancestral home despite the endless war that surrounds them.

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