Ayan 2009

Deva (Surya Sivakumar) arrives at the Chennai International Airport after running an errand for Arumuga Dass (Prabhu Ganesan) of smuggling pre-release pirated movies on DVD. The two leave for their hideout and instruct Dilli (Karunas), a hearing-impaired assistant of Dass, to make copies of the DVD. Just when police crews arrive into their vicinity, Dass informs Deva and the rest to leave. Deva tells the others to leave while he quickly sets up the burning process. Deva also leaves the hideout just in time. However, the police officers arrive at the hideout, only to see the burning process of the DVDs complete. The police then seize the DVDs and computers. The inspector, who was a friend of Dass, tells him that he can close the case if one of Dass's men agrees to the crime. Deva attempts to go, but another man, Chitti (Jegan), who had no affiliation to them volunteers, takes the blame. Later, Chitti joins Dass's group.

Ayanda 2015

A coming of age story of a twenty one year old Afro hipster, who embarks on a journey of self discovery trying to keep the memory of her father alive, when she's thrown into a world of greasy overalls, gender stereotypes and abandoned vintage cars in need of a young woman's re inventive touch who tries to reclaim what would've been, what could've been.

Ayanam 1985

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

Ayanaku Iddaru 1995

When a widower remarries so that his daughter Ramya will have a mother, he fails to take into account that she might not want another mother. When half-sister Vuha arrives, matters only get worse. Now grown up, the women are in love with the same man. A case of mistaken identity ensues, but the man eventually marries Vuha -- only to have Ramya reenter the picture determined to thwart her sister's happiness.

Ayane-chan High Kick 1996

Ayane is a High School Student who wants to be a Profesional Wrestler. Her trainer, Kunimitsu, has other plans for her and her High Kick.

I, Pierre Rivière, having slaughtered my mother, my sister and my brother… 1976

Based on documents compiled by leading French philosopher Michel Foucault, this unique and original film charts the gruesome events which took place in a Normandy village in 1835, when a young man, Pierre Rivière, murdered his mother, sister and brother before fleeing to the countryside. With a cast made up of real-life villagers from the area where the events took place, the detailed re-enactments and careful attention to the gestures of their ancestors serve to create an intense and sometimes disturbing atmosphere of hyper-realism. Details of the crime and of the trial that followed are told from varied perspectives, including the written confession of Pierre himself, and form a rich and complex narrative that interrogates the concepts of “truth” and “history”.

Love & Loathing & Lulu & Ayano 2010

A timid young woman who lives with her domineering mother accepts an Adult Video scout's offer to "become somebody else" by performing in porn videos. As she rises in popularity, the boundaries between her two lives begin to disintegrate.

Maa Ayana Chanti Pilladu 2008

Maa Ayana Chanti Pilladu (Telugu) is a Telugu film released on 25 July 2008, directed by Raja Vannem Reddy. Sivaji and Meera Jasmine played the lead roles. The film was a remake of succeful Tamil Movie En Purushan Kuzhanthai Madiri.Bullabbayi (Sivaji) is fond of his sister-in-law Rajeswari (Meera Jasmine). He loves her so much and wanted to be flawless with good character. Though Rajeswari behaves that she is not interested in him, she really loves him. Bullabbayi has a property dispute with his stepbrother Veerababu (Subbaraju). In a bid to save a girl called Chintamani (Sangeeta) from being sold by a brothel owner (Anuradha) to Veerababu, Bullabbayi pays her money and takes Chintamani with him and keeps her in his outhouse. Bullabbayi tells her to leave the place the next day, but accidentally, seduces Chintamani, after an attack by Veerababu's men against him.

Middle School Student A 2014

A drama about the process of Jo Eun Seo who was always first in her class, she lost her first place spot to transfer student Lee Hae Joon who has moved to another school in Daechi Dong, and the story went on.

Ayane's High Kick 1997

Ayane's High Kick is a two episode anime series produced by Nikkatsu Corporation and Rikuentai. It was originally released as an original video animation in Japan in 1997 and was licensed for release in North America by U.S. Manga Corps in 1998. It follows the story of a girl named Ayane Mitsui who wishes to become a professional wrestler, but due to a series of events, she becomes a kickboxer instead.

Panda and Hedgehog 2012

Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog is a South Korean romantic comedy television series starring Lee Donghae of Super Junior and Yoon Seung-ah. It was broadcast on Channel A from August 18, 2012 to October 7, 2012. The story is about Go Seung-ji, a prickly patissier who teams up with Pan Da-yang, an easygoing pastry shop owner, to open a successful new cafe.

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