The Net 1995

Angela Bennett is a freelance software engineer who lives in a world of computer technology. When a cyber friend asks Bennett to debug a new game, she inadvertently becomes involved in a conspiracy that will soon turn her life upside down. While on vacation in Mexico, her purse is stolen. She soon finds that people and events may not be what they seem as she becomes the target of an assassination. Her vacation is ruined. She gets a new passport at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico but it has the wrong name, Ruth Marx. When she returns to the U.S. to sort things out, she discovers that Ruth Marx has an unsavory past and a lengthy police record. To make matters worse, another person has assumed her real identity ...

The Net 2.0 2006

The life of a young computer systems analyst is thrown into turmoil after arriving in Istanbul to start a new job. She soon finds her passport missing, her credit cards useless, her bank account empty and her identity stolen. As the story progresses we find people and events may not be what they seem ...

The Net 2017

A young man arrives in a village on the White Sea. He comes in search of a girl who ran away from the city without saying goodbye. An old man from among the locals offers to show him the way. Neither the young man nor the old imagine what trials await them along the way.

The Net 1953

A secret jet aircraft capable of traveling three times the speed of sound is being developed by a group of scientists secretly. On the day of the test flight, one of the scientists dies in a mysterious accident, and there are many arguments concerning the flight itself; some think it should be ground-controlled while Heathley (James Donald) wants it to be a manned flight with himself at the controls. Conflict also arises when one of his fellow scientists, taking advantage of Heathley's lack of attention toward his wife, Lydia (Phyllis Calvert), makes some moves on her. Then there is the question of just who is the enemy agent on the project. The single-minded Heathly, much to his dismay and little to his credit, uncovers him when he chooses his co-pilot.

Ghost Net 2017

The movie features three ghost stories set in Hong Kong, beginning with Vivian, who, after moving into a new place, gets involved in spooky incidents with her neighbours. The next story follows Scarlet, who unknowingly receives a tattoo with sinister secrets. The final story is about a group of university students, who awaken the vengeful spirits of a dead couple while live-streaming their ghost hunting expedition.

Net Games 2003

The successful publicist Adam Vance of the SFC is in the middle of a campaign to get an important Japanese client and is needy of sex because his traumatized wife Jennifer Vance was raped one year ago and is totally frigid, refusing to have sex. His close friend and colleague Ray Walters suggests Adam to visit the porn site cyber, where lonely people have erotic conversation. Adam meets Angel, a luscious woman and hacker while his wife is visiting her rapist in the prison with her therapist as part of her treatment. When Adam decides to finish his virtual affair with Angel, he is chased and blackmailed by the deranged sexy killer.

Loneliness in the Net 2006

Ewa lives in Poland, Jakub in Germany. Her world is a TV newsroom; his a science lab and lecture hall. They have met once before on passing trains at Berlin ZOO Station, but neither of them remember this encounter. They accidentally meet again--they both take a liking to the same painting on an internet auction. From that moment on they start meeting on the net and become closer and closer to each other. Safely, from a distance, they take a chance and it seems they are close to a win. Eventually they decide to meet in person. He makes the journey from New Orleans, she takes off from Warsaw. This time their tracks cross in Paris. But fate likes to play a hand too and she turns out to be a sophisticated player.

Back of the Net 2018

A new student at a soccer academy is determined to beat her rival's team in the national tournament.

Net Worth 1995

The story of the NHL's early years, focusing on the battle between the players, led by Hall of Famer Ted Lindsay, and the owners, over issues of benefits, pensions and the like.

Net Worth 2000

Net Worth details the serio-comic story of four friends who learn the value of friendship as they embark on a thirty day contest to achieve the highest net worth in a new city with no cash and no connections.

Spectral Net 2013

The work of this quartet (comprised of Birch Cooper, Brenna Murphy, Sabrina Ratté, and Roger Tellier-Craig) shifts visually and aurally between the analog and the digital. Equally influenced by psychedelia and analog synthesized feedback, these videos undulate, shimmer, and pulse with an electric current surging from a hyper-conductive wire plugged into a supernatural outlet. At times the content of these videos appear as analytical devices for complex, cerebral data sets. In other moments, these videos become cascading diagrams of serene and blissful states of otherworldliness. Playfully gliding back and forth between different outputs and inputs, this group of videos shows a willingness amongst the collaborators to bring together the all-too-often divide between these unique technological spaces. In doing so, this collection provides entry into a new world where the digital and the analog coalesce and fuse, creating a newborn child of saturated splendor.

Rage Net 1988

Part of Three Hand-Painted Films

NetForce 1999

Set in the year 2005, a division of the FBI, called "NetForce" has been initiated to investigate Internet crime. A Bill Gates-type character finds a loophole in his new web browser which enables him to gain control of the Internet. Net-Force, headed by Kristofferson and Bakula's characters set out to stop him.

Under The Mosquito Net 1983

A story about Hasan and Nurlela who has conflicts on their marriage which causes a misunderstanding between them.

Wind in the Net 1989

The reconstruction of creation of an influential avantguarde movement called "Novo Mesto Spring" that arrived on Slovenian cultural scene during 1920s. Within this movement worked significant local artists such as composer Mario Kogoj, painter Rihard Jakopic, poet Danijel Bohoric and many others.

Warriors of the Net 1999

For the first time in history people and machinery are working together, realizing a dream. A uniting force that knows no geographical boundaries. Without regard to race, creed or color. A new era where communication truly brings people together. This is the dawn of The Net.

Ek Joke Net 2 2014

As a well-intentioned citizen you’d always be willing to help out a fellow South African. But what happens when your good intentions turn out to be in vain when the situation escalates out of control and things go from bad to worse?

Net I Die 2017

Monica, a big internet celebrity (aka idol) hangs herself live on her video channel. A year later idols start dying in horribly. All were tagged in Monica's last video, including Sa, a former idol-turned-beauty entrepreneur. Sa's boyfriend Jak investigates. All clues point to Sa's new facial cream.

Red Net 2016

A hacker looking for a missing man, what he finds out are videos in which the man is questioned and tortured till he drops by two mysterious women.

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