Adulterers 2016

A man who returns home to find his wife cheating on him on their anniversary. He holds her and her naked and humiliated lover captive at gunpoint while he decides whether or not he's going to kill them. The story, inspired by true events, takes place over one day and is set in New Orleans during a stifling heat wave.

Infidelity 2018

Setting out on her own, 25-year-old Alice visits several apartments with the help of real estate agent Julien, a married man with children. They soon fall in love. Around the same time, Alice takes work at Julien's wife Marie's tea shop. Charmed by the interest Alice shows in her, Marie lets her guard down and starts confiding in her. In return, Alice, tells Marie about her affair with a married man. Things come to a head when Julien has a car accident and the affair is exposed.

Adultery Italian Style 1966

To get her husband more interested in her, the wife invents a lover. The husband will collect every hint trying to figure out who is the lover.

Adulterio 1945

Man commits suicide over his wife's infidelity. His father spends the rest of his life trying to figure out which of son's two children is illegitimate.

Adultery 1984

Dreaming to be released from her miserable life of poverty, Aida, a waitress, abandons her bedridden father, her moralistic mother, her jobless brother and her good-for-nothing sister to live-in with her boyfriend Carding, whom she believes could give her salvation. But her plan only gives her more misfortunes. Carding gets jailed for drug peddling. Aida opts for an abortion. She later lives with a wealthy man to feul her ambition. Carding is released from prison and finds out about his wife's illicit affair.

Adultery to the Spanish 1975

Fernando and Marta are an exemplary marriage. Fernando, a tidy and methodical person, working as an executive in a multinational and is highly regarded by his boss and his partners. One day, arrives at the delegation Susan as secretary Fernando. Despite the indifference to him, in the end, can not help but fall asleep to the charms of the young.

Adultère (mode d'emploi) 1995

This French farce chronicles one special day in the lives of a married pair of Parisian architects, Fabienne and Bruno, as they anxiously await the results of an important architectual contest they have entered. Unable to handle the stress of waiting, both turn to sexual liason's to ease their tension. Bruno ends up enacting a dark sexual fantasy with a stranger while Fabienne eventually succumbs to the advances of Bruno's friend Simon, a fortyish Lebanese businessman and part-time drug dealer. The comedy takes on overtones of psycho-drama when the contest winner announced and the couple discovers the truth of each other's actions. A cache of drugs, discovered in an apartment only adds to their troubles.

Adultery Tree 1985

The matriarch of a highly respected family orders one of her daughter-in-laws to kill herself unless she can produce a child within a year.

National Adultery 1982

A man falls in love with his friend's wife and plots the different ways to get rid of his current wife and also his friend so he can have his new found love all to himself.

Sinful Adulteress 1974

Director Ho Meng-hua gave erotica more legitimacy as he joined the list of reputable directors that began shooting soft porn with Sinful Adulteress. Starring the busty Chen Ping as a young wife of an older man that can’t satisfy her, and introducing the foxy Liu Hui-ling as the younger daughter of the old man’s first wife, it’s a sexcapade of licentious behavior that erupts through murder and greed.

Un adulterio decente 1969

Federico is having an affair with Fernanda, which he believes widow, when in fact she is married. When the trick is discovered, a doctor appears very opportunely saying that infidelity is a disease caused by bacteria and has no cure. In his private clinic he applies a treatment that consists of locking up every adulterer with his mistress.

Adultery 1996

Febryan forbids his wife, Rowena, to work, so that she can get pregnant. But due to his busy schedule, they hardly find time to have sex, and they often do it when Rowena is not fertile, so they have not been able to have children. Rowena is often away from home for her painting hobby. Then, she meets Cindy, who says that her husband is a seaman and she also introduces her to Rex, her brother-in-law. When they become closer, Cindy seduces Febryan, while Rex seduces Rowena. Cindy records Febryan having sex with her, while Rex makes Rowena fall so much in love with him that she asks Febryan for a divorce, especially after seeing the tape of Cindy and him. So Febryan gets half their property rights and half of their money. Actually, Cindy and Rex is a criminal couple, and they are actually husband and wife. Rowena is later persecuted, also attempts suicide. So she calls Febryan and they get along again. Then, they discover a foetus of two months old that Rowena is carrying.

Adultery 1986

Chusei Sone's final pinku eiga film for Nikkatsu is one of his better productions, despite its box-office failure in the midst of a general failure of the pinku eiga market due to the rise of the more explicit AV company. Beloved 1970s starlet Miyuki Kojima stars as the furious spouse of an adulterer. To get revenge on her spouse she begins a string of one-night stands, eventually realizing that she is becoming addicted to anonymous sex. Kyoko Takara and Sho Nagareyamaji co-star in Sone's stylish softcore melodrama, a classy swan track to an impressive career.

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