The Spell 1977

A distraught mother must cope with her embittered daughter who has the ability to cause "accidents" to happen.

Queen of the South Sea Spell 1991

A competition between black magicians Anggoro (Johny Indo) and Lestari (Suzanna) results in Lestari being banished into the woods with a broken body. After he brother's death, she becomes suicidal until she runs across Ki Jagasatru (Clift Sangra), who comes from the South Seas with a recipe for revenge.

Marshall 2017

Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, battles through one of his career-defining cases.


After the death of his fiancée, an American illustrator runs out of medication while wandering the isolated Icelandic countryside - unsure if his compulsions are related to his disorder or if he's being forced to unlock ancient secrets.

Hot Spell 1958

A housewife is doing her best to keep her family together as it's slowly falling apart, a fact she's trying to ignore. Her cheating husband's birthday party is approaching and many lines will be crossed after that event.

The Buddhist Spell 1993

Fantasy period piece. Some magic tree spirit lady and a young monk fight some bat-head guy.

Spell 2014

A young woman becomes possessed by the spirit of a pregnant women after her childhood friend Lek gives her a love potion made from burning the dead pregnant woman’s chin.

Red Spell Spells Red 1983

An evil dwarf sorcerer sealed in a stone coffin of good magicians. After many years, a television crew to the scene to investigate the legend, and happen to open the chest again ...

Scent of a Spell 1985

A young man returns home from the bar only to find a woman who was about to kill herself. Taking her home and protecting her, he learns that she’s escaped from a violent husband… but there’s more to her story than she’s willing to tell at first.

Heavenly Spell 1991

A small rural village has to deal with a pesky spirit who lives in the local lake and has a habit of luring people to their deaths.

Under Your Spell 1936

A famous singer, bored with music and fans, goes to live in Mexico. His manager sends a woman to bring him back. They fall in love.

Kiss & Spell 2017

When a ghost-fearing magician falls for his staffer, who happens to be haunted by her dead best friend, he must face his fears while convincing her he'd make an excellent boyfriend.

Spellbound 1945

When Dr. Anthony Edwardes arrives at a Vermont mental hospital to replace the outgoing hospital director, Dr. Constance Peterson, a psychoanalyst, discovers Edwardes is actually an impostor. The man confesses that the real Dr. Edwardes is dead and fears he may have killed him, but cannot recall anything. Dr. Peterson, however is convinced his impostor is innocent of the man's murder, and joins him on a quest to unravel his amnesia through psychoanalysis.

The Shanghai Spell 2002

A fourteen year old lad discovers his first love at the point of his pencil whilst drawing the portrait of a sickly but coquettish fifteen year old girl. In the neighbourhood an old freedom-fighter pits himself against bad types, a pretty cinema-ticket girl takes to the streets at night and a young anarchist dedicates himself to telling tall stories. Far away, in Shanghai, a hero of the Republic meets a beautiful femme fatal with oriental eyes. Reality and fiction become fused in an embrace.

The Spell 1987

A young couple accept an arranged marriage to stop the fighting between their respective clans. On the way home from their wedding, they get lost in a dark forest on a stormy night. They take refuge in an eerie mansion, inhabited by an old man obsessed with the past, and his creepy servant. As the night progresses, they learn the terrible secrets hidden in the house. Similar to many other films in this genre, with a few interesting plot turns.

The Spell 1970

Igéző portrays the life of the unsociable stranger , András, who arrives at the place of his exile and slowly makes friends with Miska, the charcoal-burner.

Love Spell

Love Spell is a fantasy and romance-based program airing on ABS-CBN that tells a different love story each season with a new couple. Its pilot episode was aired July 2006.

Star Spell

Star Spell is a BBC game show which put celebrities against each other in spelling related games, each one was subsequently eliminated until there was one Star Spell Champion. It was presented by Eamonn Holmes and was a spin off from the BBC programme Hard Spell.

Hard Spell 2004

Hard Spell is a United Kingdom televised spelling bee programme for children between the ages of eleven and fourteen, presented by Eamonn Holmes, with Nina Hossain reading the words. It was first broadcast on BBC One in late 2004. Heats were held in different parts of the country leading to the grand final, at the end of which Gayathri Kumar was crowned Britain's best young speller. Notable spellers apart from Gayathri included Nisha Abraham-Thomas from Wolverhampton, Mark Jackson from Cambridge, Dominic Harvey from Bath, Sarah Williams from Penzance, Jack Jarvis from Chesterfield and Anthony Collins from Barnes. All of the televised runners-up in 2004 received a signed photograph of Eamonn Holmes and other Hard Spell memorabilia. Soon after, the BBC produced a one-off episode of Star Spell, which followed the same format but had celebrities taking part rather than children. This was again presented by Eamonn Holmes, with Nina Hossain reading the words. The one-off episode was won by Richard Whiteley. In late 2005, the BBC broadcast a full series of Star Spell, again presented by Eamonn Holmes but Mishal Husain took over from Nina as word pronouncer. As the show was such a success, Hard Spell returned to television screens at Christmas 2005 with a different age group but the same presenters, Eamonn Holmes and Mishal Husain. In the final, the winner was Niall O'Neill from Northern Ireland who won £10,000 worth of holiday vouchers and media equipment for his school. In 2005 the memorabilia contained a Hard Spell T-shirt, mug, pencil case, pen and a dictionary signed by the presenter.

Spell-Mageddon 2013

Spell-Mageddon is an American spelling bee game show on ABC Family and is hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro. It premiered on July 24, 2013. Its season finale aired on September 11, 2013.

Spell of the Moon 2013

She is a young reporter aiming to write a story about a secretive Casino owner named Sama, unbeknowst to her they have a history together. When she was a kid, he gave her money to care for her sick mother who later died. In return for his kindness, she saved him from being killed by hoodlums at a casino. As an adult she has a lot of prejudices for gambling and casinos because her father was a gambler who abandoned them when her, her ailing mother, and twin sister needed him the most.

Spellbinder 1995

Spellbinder is a fantasy teen drama/science fiction television series, produced by Film Australia & Telewizja Polska in association with the Australian Children's Television Foundation. The series is a 1995 serial of 26 episodes, co-produced between Australia and Poland. It was also novelized by the creators, Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson. The shots were taken both in Australia which represented the "modern" world and in Poland where most pictures that featured the parallel world were shot. Spellbinder was followed by, Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord, in which Heather Mitchell reprises her role as Ashka.


Spellz was a 2006 - 2008 magic series featuring famed magician Jay Sankey. Produced by GAPC Entertainment in partnership with TVO Kids, with the participation of Knowledge Network, SCN and the Canadian Television Fund, Spellz was created by Hoda Elatawi, Mike Erskine-Kellie, Jay Sankey and David Peck. The show was directed by Ron Allen, written by Susan McLennan, and executive produced by Ken Stewart. In Spellz, Bridget Hall plays "Bridget, the Amazing Kid Assistant", the only other recurring person on the series, beside Sankey. There were kid segments for a second season of the program were in production during March 2007, however the scenes with Sankey and Hall were filmed in May; there are 26 episodes in Season 1, airing since September 2006, and there are 26 episodes in Season 2, which began September 2007. Both are available on DVD. In 2007, Spellz won the Certificate for Creative Excellence in Communications at the U.S. International Film and Video Festival and the Remi award at the The Houston International Film Festival in 2008.


Spellfury is a web series. It is a live-action classic sword and sorcery tale with a sense of humor. Spellfury is written and directed by Travis Gordon and stars Julie O'Halloran as Druinia. Each webisode of Spellfury comes out roughly every two months.


Spellbound is a UK a general knowledge game show hosted by Paul Coia on Sky One, during the 1990s.

Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord

Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord is a teen, preteen and children's television series, and a sequel to Spellbinder. Both series deal with children travelling between parallel universes, although the only common characters between the two series are Ashka, and her sidekick Gryvon. It was also novelized by the creators, Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson. The series was filmed on location in Australia, China and Poland. The show was a joint production between studios in the three countries, although the script and concept came from Australia, and the spoken language is English. The series is fast-paced and there are usually new challenges for the characters in each episode, which are solved through cleverness and wits. As with most children's shows, most of the adventure is headed by children, although Ashka, Kathy's parents, and the scientist Mek are adults.

Ultimate Book of Spells

The Ultimate Book of Spells, or UBOS, is a Canadian children's animated television series which began production in 2001. The series aired on YTV in Canada, Toon Disney in the United States and on CBBC and Pop in the United Kingdom, but ran for only 26 episodes. It has often been criticised for being like, and accused of copying in many respects, the Harry Potter Series of books by British author J. K. Rowling.

Sortilegio 2009

Sortilegio is a Mexican telenovela produced by Carla Estrada for Televisa and stars Jacqueline Bracamontes and William Levy. It is a remake of Tú o nadie. From October 6, 2009 to February 17, 2010, Univision broadcast Sortilegio weeknights at 9pm/8c. From July 30 to September 7, 2012, Univision broadcast 2 hour reruns of Sortilegio weekdays at 1pm/12c, replacing Corazón Apasionado. From September 10 to October 19, 2012, reruns of Sortilegio were broadcast at 2pm/1c.

The Ultimate Book of Spells 2001

The Ultimate Book of Spells, or UBOS, is a Canadian children's animated television series which began production in 2001. The series aired on YTV in Canada, Toon Disney in the United States and on CBBC and Pop in the United Kingdom, but ran for only 26 episodes. It has often been criticised for being like, and accused of copying in many respects, the Harry Potter Series of books by British author J. K. Rowling.

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