Platoon 1986

As a young and naive recruit in Vietnam, Chris Taylor faces a moral crisis when confronted with the horrors of war and the duality of man.

Platoon Leader 1988

West Point graduate lieutenant Jeff Knight meets cynicism when taking command of sergeant Michael McNamara's tour veterans platoon in a Vietnamese trench camp. Unlike his predecessor, who hid till the end of his tour, Jeff takes charge, experiences the manual doesn't allow coping with all realities and gets wounded. He returns, now fully respect by men and superiors. Besides the Vietcong, the platoon wrestles with the inscrutable villagers, which the G.I.'s officially protect, but also fear as some collaborate with them, other covertly with the Cong, either way subject to bloody reprisals.

The Lost Platoon 1990

An American reporter covering a civil war in Nicaragua discovers that four soldiers that he used to know during World War II are there and they are actual vampires fighting their own personal war against an evil Nicaraguan general and his own personal army of vampires terrorizing the country.

Last Platoon 1988

After ex-cop and highly decorated war hero Chet Costa's Vietnamese girlfriend disappears, he accepts a risky mission: he shall blow up a bridge at the Vietnamese border to close the Vietcong's line of communication. He's given a group of prisoners to accompany him. Already on the way there their helicopter is shot down; a march through the wilderness begins. When his soldiers recognize that they're effectively on a suicide mission, they decide to get rid of their Seargent and to flee to Bangkok.

The 317th Platoon 1965

In Vietnam, 1954, a French platoon isolated behind enemy lines tries to come back. It is led by the inexperienced, idealistic sous-lieutenant Torrens, and by adjutant Willsdorf, a WWII veteran of the Werhmacht.

Black Warrior 1987

During the Vietnam war, a group of soldiers is assigned to rescue two US soldiers and a couple of civilians who are kept captive by the Vietcong.

Red Platoon

An American Sergeant leads a small squad of soldiers in a counterattack battle in Afghanistan during 2009.

Platoon of the Dead 2009

Three soldiers must fight to survive the night in a seemingly abandoned house, when a zombie platoon attacks.

The Wounded Platoon 2010

Frontline investigates the violence, depression, and stress exhibited by a platoon of Iraq War veterans whose members who have committed murder, assault, and suicide.

Raider Platoon 1988

The fierce battle of a platoon against vicious guerrillas

Assault Platoon 1990

In 1973 Vietnam, gas bombs are dropped on villages, killing men, women, and children. Two downed American pilots, accused of the bombings, are captured and tortured. Both men give name, rank, and serial number but neither one confesses. Elsewhere, a team of seven diverse individuals is hired to rescue the two pilots. These individuals manage to free the pilots from the river-cages where they've been imprisoned, (with water up to their shoulders), but the Vietnamese counterattack proves deadly. Only one rescuer survives and he's burdened by the knowledge that the U.S. Government wanted the pilots rescued and then silenced to order to conceal their role in dropping gas-bombs.

Platoon of Death 2011

My Lai Four, a movie about the My Lai massacre in Vietnam. Here s the blurb: Freely adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Seymour Hersh, this film recounts the story of a platoon of American soldiers led by Second Lieutenant Wm. Calley. Falling into an ambush, they come under enemy fire and in the disastrous fight that ensues, two young soldiers lose their lives; a third is so badly injured that Sgt. Cowen is forced to put him out of his hopeless agony.

The Great White Tiger Platoon 1954

The Great White Tiger Platoon was part of the Aizu clan's last ditch efforts to stop the advance of Imperial troops after the fall of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Meant to be a reserve unit as it was made of the young, 16-17 year old sons of Aizu samurai. Their story is one of the great tragedies of the Boshin War (1868-1869) as they were called into action. Getting cut off from the main body of their platoon, a group of 20 from the 2nd squad retreated to Iimori Hill, where they looked down upon fires surrounding Aizu Castle and thinking that the castle has fallen and all is lost, they choose to die as samurai by committing seppuku. A superb rendition of this true story that shows the true honor of the samurai.

Dog Tags 1987

POW's rescued from tiger cages in Vietnam are brought into a secret mission by an Army Captain. However when the group finds a cache of gold, greed sets in and the mission goes awry.

The Stick 1988

A squad (stick) of South African soldiers is sent into the bush to track down some rebel fighters when things take a supernatural turn.

Shooters 1989

A group of misfit U.S. Army soldiers are chosen to represent their base at the annual war games competition where they are not expected to win.

Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon 2015

Set in a world where witches run havoc, the military decides to shift from using sword to utilizing guns to neutralize magical threats. The Anti-Magic Academy is an institution that specializes in training witch hunters. Takeru Kusunagi, who can’t use guns and continues to fight with a sword, is relegated to the 35th Test Platoon, a motley group who can’t cooperate. One day, Ouka Ohtori, an elite pistol master who was forced into demotion, joins the platoon. Will they be able to gather their strengths and work together?

The Anderson Platoon

The Anderson Platoon is a documentary feature by Pierre Schoendoerffer about the Vietnam War. Two decades later, a sequel was released as Reminiscence.

The Platoon of Power Squadron 2009

In a world where supernatural abilities are limited to comic books and the silver screen, four blue collar twenty-somethings are the only people with actual superpowers. A look at what it would really be like to have superpowers. No wacky super villains, no body armor, no campy fluorescent costumes or holy-anythings something-mans. Just four people trying to realize their full potential. It's hard enough making a living in your 20's, try and make a legacy.

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