Robert X. Golphin

Robert X. Golphin
Robert X. Golphin is an American award-nominated actor, award-winning filmmaker/screenwriter, author, motivational speaker/orator, and journalist from Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. He is best known for his portrayal of Dunbar Reed in the The Great Debaters (2007), in which he acted opposite Denzel Washington,Nate Parker, andJermaine Williams. Some of Robert's other work include HBO's  The Wire (2002) and the indie featuresRounding First (2005) and The Beautiful Ordinary (2007). But it is perhaps the short film genre where Robert's range is on full display. His slender physique may brand him unconventional by Hollywood's standards, but that's exactly what makes him stand out from the crowd. His complex and diverse roles include an Obama-esque civil rights attorney in 2009's "In Heaven's Court", a lovestruck artist type in  Simply Untitled (2004), a heroin addict in Track Marks (2005) (called "Sincere and hand-wringing" by 'The Philadelphia Weekly', and a nobody turned superstar in the award-winning Beautiful Man in the Buff (2008), in which he picked up a "Best Actor" nod at the Downbeach Film Festival. Robert also starred as a young man who wrestles with his sexuality in the multiple award-winning drama  Punch Me (2011), opposite Brian Anthony Wilson, and as a young husband affected by the cycle of domestic abuse in Un-Perfect (2011) oppositeChristopher Mann. Both of his co-stars had recurring roles on HBO's The Wire (2002). Robert has been called a "renaissance man". And for good reason. He is certainly one to watch...
Name Robert X. Golphin
Also Known As Skinny Kravitz, Bobby X., Denzel Snipes, M.J., X., Robert Golphin
Birthday 1982-02-02
Gender Male
IMDB Robert X. Golphin profile on IMDB
Place of Birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
As: Dunbar Reed
The Great Debaters...
As: Unknown
The Wire...
As: Javier Santana
The Underground King...