Antony 2018

A cop wakes up to find himself trapped in his car which is buried in the earth. Even as he tries to make an escape, his father and his girlfriend are trying to trace his whereabouts by going after the men who might have a reason to kidnap him.

When Sun Meets Moon 2018

In 1992, a heavy rainstorm caused massive power outage in Hong Kong. At that night, two young astrology enthusiasts, Moon and Sun, met under the starry night by the seaside. When their affection to each other grew, Sun was admitted into a boarding school and would move to another country in a few months under his father's plan. Like the sun and moon, the couple could hardly see each other despite that they were living in the same city, but their love endured amidst the separation and opposition from Moon’s mother. Overcoming the challenges from teachers, friends and family, time has come for Sun to depart…

The Fun's Not Over 2018

The tragedy of Phillips’ death is that it came just as he was hitting his stride.. He was already the voice from the void; he was James the Boptist, a hard-partying rock ‘n’ roller that pioneered a new genre of Afrikaans rock music (despite being English) that sparked and fired a revolution. He was working with heavy-hitters William Kentridge and Warrick Sony on Faustus in Africa, staged in Grahamstown in 1995. This is a rollicking musical ride through all these incarnations, with frank insights from 80’s and 90’s musicians and leftie luminaries – from Johannes Kerkorrel to Lloyd Ross, Pieter-Dirk Uys to Zapiro by way of the Radio Rats’ Jonathan Handley and Vusi Mahlasela. It’s an intimate portrait of a wildly talented poet painted by those who knew him best.

Lima 2018

An inter-faith family come to a conflict when the mother, Maryam, died. The children (Fara, Aryo, and Adi) and the housemaid (Ijah) debating on how Maryam will get buried. When Maryam's funeral problem get solved, turns out that other problems still haunting them one by one.

The Receptionist 2018

Weighed down by financial problems, Tina takes a job as a receptionist at an illegal massage parlour in London. As she slowly gets to know the women who work there, Tina is forced to question her values and morals. But how far will she be drawn into this world, and can she avoid losing herself in the process?

All the Devil's Men 2017

A battle-scarred War on Terror bounty hunter is forced to go to London on a manhunt for a disavowed CIA operative, which leads him into a deadly running battle with a former military comrade and his private army.

Legalize it! 2017

The meeting between two young guys, Marcelo —in the future, Marcelo D2— and Skunk , who sold t-shirts and cassette tapes in the center of Rio de Janeiro to survive, resulted in one of the most popular bands in Brazil in the 1990’s, Planet Hemp. Suppressed by a prejudiced society, the two made of their music a cry of alertness and resistance, conquering the hearts and minds of an entire generation.

Park Hwa-young 2018

Hwa-young is an 18-year-old student living alone. Her friends call her “mom” and use her house as their place to hang out, but don’t really include her in their clique. Hwa-young pays particular attention to one of the friends, Mijeong.

My Giraffe 2017

Dikkertje Dap was born on the same day as Raf the giraffe. Dikkertje can often be found at the zoo, because Raf is his best friend. They are inseparable, until Dikkertje goes to school for the first time and finds out giraffes can’t go to school. Dikkertje dearly misses Raf, but also experiences exciting new things. He even makes a new friend: Yous. Raf misses Dikkertje too. So Dikkertje devises a plan to bring the giraffe to school and introduce his two friends to each other.

Jill Bilcock: Dancing the Invisible 2018

With credits including Strictly Ballroom, Muriel’s Wedding, The Dish, Moulin Rouge!, Romeo + Juliet and Road to Perdition Jill Bilcock is regarded as one the world’s great film editors. Axel Grigor’s hugely entertaining documentary traces Bilcock’s journey from Melbourne film student in the 1960s to working as an extra in Bollywood movies and learning her craft when Australia had virtually no feature film industry. Bilcock’s cheeky charm and illuminating appearances by key collaborators make this a must-see for film lovers.

Money 2017

The lives of three thieves attempting to rob a house are altered by what they see inside.

The Bacchus Lady 2016

So-young, a 65-year-old woman is so called ‘Bacchus lady’, one of the most reputed prostitute for old men at the old park in the center of Seoul. One day she learns that her customer SONG gets stroke, and pays him a visit. Being left behind by his family SONG cries out for his miserable life; and desperately asks So-young to end his life. After a long hesitation So-young decides to help him. When she confesses SONG’s death assistance to another customer Jae-woo, Jae-woo asks if it is possible to kill his friend who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. So-young persistently refuses but at last grants his favor. So-young finally falls into chaos when Jae-woo eventually asks her to help his suicide after long loneliness.

Antisocial 2 2015

Years after having her newborn child stolen from her, Sam searches a world infested with infected users from the Social Redroom website. After befriending a young girl named Bean, Sam is captured and locked in a facility dedicated to finding a cure for the Redroom Virus. Trapped and tortured, Sam tries to escape the facility before an impending update on the Redroom site hits 100% and unleashes its final phase of the attack.

Mr. Chandramouli 2018

Raghav, a professional boxer, finds himself in a fix when an unexpected turn of events gets him tangled in a battle between his passion, family and the love of his life.

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