Shoot Out At Big Sag 1962

A man has his eyes set on controlling the Big Sag territory in Montana and hopes to achieve his goal by forcing a newly-arrived family from Texas from their land. Hoping to convince the local saloonkeeper to help him, the man sends his daughter into town with instructions for his potential partner. A storm waylays the daughter during her trip to town and she is forced to stay at the home of her father's intended victims, leading to an interesting turn or two.

Fast-Draw Guy 1961

In Nomura Takashi’s Eastern Western Hayauchi Yarô, Shishido Jo plays Ace no Joe, a bounty hunter in the wide open spaces of Northern Japan. One night he rides in a small town with a captive slung over his horse - a robber who stole the payroll for the construction crew at nearby dam. Joe claims the reward, but the town fathers are suspicious of this cocky stranger. A local saloon girl, Jane (Minamida Yoko), falls for him, but she and the other girls are under the thumb of the slithery saloon boss (Kaneko Nobuo). Joe decides to stand up to this character and the rest of his gang, with the aid of the plucky, but green, young sheriff (Sugiyama Toshio). (from:

The Overland Stage 1927

At a trading post in the Northern Dakotas, Hawk Lespard, an unscrupulous trader, is opposed by Jack Jessup, posing as a gambler but actually a scout for the Overland Stage Co., and Kunga-Sunga, a wizard with the lariat.

Gun Gospel 1927

From Death Valley in the Mojave Desert to Mount Whittier, the outlaw gangs are wreaking havoc on the gold and money shipments from the mines and ranches. Wells Fargo organizes an express service that will insure the shipments and ensure a guaranteed delivery. Granger Hume is hired to help Wells-Fargo deliver on their promise.

Sons of the Saddle 1930

Jim Brandon, foreman of the Wind River Ranch, owned by Martin Stavnow, is in love with Ronnie, the rancher's daughter, though he is unaware that Harvey, a youthful cowhand, also loves her. Thus, Jim asks the boy, whom he protects like a brother, to speak for him. When he is spurned by Ronnie, Harvey decides to join Red Slade's gang, who are plotting a raid on the Wind River herd. As Jim forcibly attempts to separate him from the gang, Harvey is killed; and through the aid of his horse, Tarzan, Jim foils Slade's attempt to stampede the herd. Slade takes refuge in a wagon where Ronnie is hiding; Jim rescues Ronnie from the wagon just before the runaway team plunges over a cliff with Slade riding to his doom.

The Sunset Trail 1932

Jim and Buddy decide to follow their pal Tater-bug who left them for another job. No sooner do they arrive than Tater-bug gets shot in the back. Jim suspects Joe Weller but has no proof.

Trouble Busters 1933

Leaving town with the Sheriff after him, Tex joins up with the Trouble Busters Skinny and Windy. In Placerville he runs into trouble with Bill Jarvis leading to a mad rush to file on oil rich land.

The Gunfighter 1923

Billy Buell (William Farnum), a stranger involving himself with a long-standing mountain feud. The Benchleys and the Camps have been feuding ever since Lew Camp (J. Morris Foster) learned that his daughter Nellie (Doris May) was stolen by Jacob Benchley (Arthur Morrison) to replace a dead Benchley baby. Buell, who has fallen in love with Nellie, returns her to her mother (Virginia True Boardman). That doesn't sit well with the Benchley clan, who arrive for a final shootout.

The Devil's Saddle 1927

Hero is center of plot by a gang of lawless whites to convince Indians he killed one of their number, but finally clears himself.

Savage Land 1994

Set against the spectacular Rocky Mountains, this adventure is reminiscent of the Disney live-action classics (such as "Old Yeller" and "Escape from Witch Mountain"). Two women and two kids are stranded in the Old West when bad guys (posing as Indians) try to snag the stagecoach's cargo. Pitted against nature, time, and the pursuing baddies, this unlikely team must trek over the mountains to reach safety. This is a video to buy and keep in your collection... great mid-winter rental when cabin-fever makes you long for the great outdoors!

Sartana in the Valley of Death 1970

Smooth and lethal gunfighter Lee Calloway helps three bandit brothers escape from jail under the condition that they give him fifty percent of the stolen gold they have hidden. Of course, the treacherous sibling trio don't plan on keeping their end of the deal. Written by Woodyanders

Roping a Bride

Tom and Dick are good friends, but they are both in love with the same young woman, Vera. Vera herself cannot decide which of the two suitors she prefers. Realizing that Vera cannot make up her mind, the two young men turn to their friend Bill Bush for help. After thinking it over, Bill suggests an unusual contest to see which one gets to ask Vera to marry him.

Little Big Sky

After interviewing three Kingsbury locals, director Cait Davis used the audio from their interviews to create a stop-motion animation where the construction of each puppet “actor” is influenced by the content of the interview stories. From the inside of a fabricated miniature honky tonk bar, each character shares a story of their rural American home-town; examining small-town lore and the importance of embracing humanity's rich and textured history viewed through the lens of Kingsbury, Texas.

Panhandle 38 1972

The son of an aging gunfighter returns home with a shipment of confederate gold.

Tiger From River Kwai 1975

A secret agent from Thailand goes to the United States on a mission to find out why a Mr. Stone died and bring his ashes and fortune, a jeweled elephant, back to his homeland.