Colonel Kill Motherfuckers 2008

A group of role-playing nerds upset and accidentally kill an ex army veteran whose mother happens to be heavy into the black arts. Newly risen from the dead, the vet returns to go on a murderous rampage of revenge!

The Snarling 2018

A sleepy English village is invaded by the cast and crew of a new zombie horror film, but the horror turns real when someone or something starts tearing villagers, cast and crew to shreds.

High Heels & Hoodoo 2012

A greedy party girl is so determined to get what she wants that she employs the dangerous magic of a Gullah root doctor.

The Blackout Files 2009

Eight young high school students who are recording a friends birthday party in 2007 but soon what once was normal isn't any longer. As the students scramble to survive they unravel the mystery of what is going on around them.

Friday XIII: Resurrection 2011

“Friday XIII: Resurrection” is a “Friday the 13th” fan film, set predominantly after the end of “Freddy vs. Jason”. The film concerns a group of English tourists, who unknowingly decide to camp near Crystal Lake whilst on a tour of the USA. Soon their idyllic vacation turns to horror as legendary psychopath Jason Voorhees turns up. The film’s cast is headed by Emma Read in the role of Sally, the feisty centre of the gang, along with her boyfriend Jack (Luke Kemp) & their friends Mark (Chris Toumazou) & Derek (Josh Render). The role of Jason is played by Sharif Elboushi, whilst the cast is rounded out by Dania Riad as Louise, Matt Walker as Paul, and Peter Murfet as the ‘Filthy, Slimy, Pervert’; plus one extra special secret guest star!

My Wife Araweelo 2006

Jama and Samira are newly married and very happy, but when Jama's friend Yonis show up and claim that Samira is a dangerous killer, it changes everything.

Death in the Family 1981

A family gathering attempting to establish just who exactly inherits the family's possessions leads to deception, incest, and quite a lot of murder

The Flesh Of My Lovers 2015

A sociopath prone to ultra-violent fantasies attempts to transform his reclusive lifestyle when the woman of his dreams moves-in next door - with horrific consequences.

The Chunkblow 2015

From the twisted minds of Jamie Chimino, Ben Shutts, and Jared Gniewek, a Short film shot in Rochester, NY. Young miscreants have run amok in our country. Despite efforts to "scare them straight" hooligans prevail. Vandalism! Underage Drinking! Premarital Sex! Godless Heavy Metal! Drugs! All thrive in our "youth culture". We at Doglord Productions are sickened and disgusted by the youth of today and prepared this missive to attack their tastes DIRECTLY! Not for the squeamish, we have exposed the end result of the bacchanal lives of privileged excess our "children" enjoy. Time to face the music, kiddos! Official selection of Cinema Wasteland, Severed Cinema, The Calgary Horror Con, Shock Stock, And The Four State Slasher Fest. First place Audience Choice Award at Severed Fest

The Witching Hour 2006

The Witching Hour is a fast, furious pumped up adrenaline ride through hell. A group of gangsters battle their way through zombies, crazies, demons, psychos and some pretty full on witches to get back a stolen gem. Featuring extreme fight scenes, brutal violence and some sick humour. The Witching Hour is pure raw energy injected straight into your eyes! Twice!!

Ada Hantu Di Vietnam 2012

Tells the story of Jordan , Bianca and Nayya to Vietnam to visit a new baby sister Bianca . But in the course in Vietnam they were trapped by the motel that contained kuntilanak figure who always terrorizing them .

Hangman's Game 2015

The events occur between 4:45 am and 6:15 am in the Colombian jungle. Mark, an American contractor wakes up doped, tortured and hung up by the arms next to a local prostitute that acts as interpreter whilst the kidnappers want to hack a 60 billion dollars bank account. Mark is forced to play a no-win game. Time is not on his side and the only thing missing is the password, the problem is: give it or not, Mark is meat dead