The Bandmaster 1947

Andy Panda goes to the circus, and the circus turns into a circus where a girl aerialist is rescued by her own false teeth; the acrobats and jugglers mangle each other; a girl trapeze artist loses her wig as a rope-spinning act goes haywire; and the drunken high-wire walker finds himself surrounded by pink elephants.

Fish Fry 1944

An alley cat attempts to steal the goldfish Andy Panda just bought from a pet shop, but the fish proves too clever for him.

Life Begins for Andy Panda 1939

Walter Finchell, the tattletale gossip of the jungle, broadcasts from the treetop that Mr. and Mrs. Panda were presented with a baby boy, whom Mrs. Panda names Andy. All the birds and animals go to the Panda's home to welcome the new arrival. As Andy grows, Mr. Panda takes Andy for a walk in the jungle to get him acquainted with Mother Nature and point out some of the perils

Pass the Biscuits Mirandy! 1943

Pass the Biscuits Mirandy! Release Date: 8/23/43 Direction: James Culhane Story: Ben Hardaway and Milt Schaffer Animation: Paul Smith Music: Darrell Calker Notes: Production Number: C-13 A Swing Symphony cartoon James Culhane's directorial debut at Lantz

The Greatest Man in Siam 1944

The Greatest Man in Siam Release Date: 3/27/44 Direction: James Culhane Story: Ben Hardaway and Milt Schaffer Animation: Pat Matthews and Emery Hawkins Music: Darrell Calker Animation Layout: Art Heinemann Backgrounds: Phil DeGuard Notes: Production Number: D-3 A Swing Symphony cartoon First onscreen credits for Art Heinemann and Phil DeGuard at Lantz The first appearance of Pat Matthews' shapely dancing girl, referred to as "Miss X" by the model sheets for this cartoon. Michael Fitzgerald incorrectly lists this cartoon as a February release

Abou Ben Boogie 1944

Abou Ben Boogie Release Date: 9/18/44 Direction: James Cullhane Story: Ben Hardaway and Milt Schaffer Animation Layout: Art Heinemann Animation: Paul Smith Musical Arrangement: Darrell Calker Backgrounds: Philip DeGuard Lyrics: Tot Seymour Music: Vee Lawnhurst Notes: Production Number: D-7 A Swing Symphony cartoon The second and final appearance of "Miss X." Michael Fitzgerald incorrectly lists this cartoon as an August release. Click here to see Abou Ben Boogie sheet music. Some animation of "Miss X" by Pat Matthews, deemed "too sexy," was cropped out of Castle Films home use prints.

Man & Whale 2007

A seaside school. In the corridor stands the principal, beloved of the high-spirited youngsters. Gazing at a picture of a whale drawn as a child, the head teacher is swept away with sentiment into a flashback from the past.

1 Seconde 1991

“When he shot Une seconde (4 min., 20 sec.), a video animation without computer graphics, Richard Angers tried to adapt Norman McLaren’s animation techniques to video shooting and editing. A long-term solitary task, in which images are moved by hand, centimetre by centimetre, in which one plays with the number of images per second, and in which the ± pure quest for effects is more important than the message”. BLANCHARD, Louise. “Les vidéastes sont au ‘rendez-vous’”, Le Journal de Montréal, Montreal (9 February 1992), p. 38.

Amazon Symphony 1954

Sinfonia Amazônica, or Amazon Symphony, was Brazil's first animated feature-length film, produced entirely by Anélio Lattini Filho over five years and finished in 1951. Like Disney's Fantasia, it tells several folk stories over orchestral music.