Divine Fate 1993

An environmental morality tale. A divine gate gives one all that one desires, on the condition that one takes only what one needs and one gives something good in return.

Veil of Years 1977

Slow disintegration and aging of artists head, revealing underlying bone structure. Created using old picture-phone technology. New music added in 2013.

Livin' It Up with the Bratz 2006

This interactive computer-animated adventure allows your tweens to join the funky Bratz dolls -- Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade -- as they come off summer vacation and get ready to go back to school. The fashion-forward four give young viewers a say in just about every decision they make, from what they'll wear on the first day of school to how they'll construct a music video and what they should do about an upcoming school talent contest.

The way back 2014

Passing all four seasons for a day, she is on her way back. And then, she falls into a peaceful sleep with a cozy feeling that doesn't exist anywhere.

A Girl At Dojo Temple 1946

Kon Ichikawa’s directorial debut. A puppet version of a well-known kabuki play, which was confiscated by occupying US forces for being excessively traditional. (MUBI)

Adventure in Telezonia 1950

A boy's dog has run off and, with the help of unfortunately named marionette Handy, the kid learns to use a telephone to find him. “Adventure in Telezonia” was part of an educational package distributed in grade schools for kids to learn proper telephone usage. More information, and the full film, at http://techchannel.att.com/play-video.cfm/2012/6/8/AT&T-Archives-Adventure-in-Telezonia.

The Numberlys 2014

The Numberlys is an epic homage to Fritz Lang's Metropolis, but for kids. Friends 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 live in a world where there is no alphabet - only numbers. One day, they decide they want something different from their orderly, black-and-white world. They set out to create each letter of the alphabet and bring color, creativity and jellybeans to their world.

The City That Forgot About Christmas 1974

A young boy's grandfather tells him the story of a city that forgot about Christmas untill a carpenter names Matthew comes to town and teaches the children about Christmas, much to the chagrin of the Mayor and his cronies.

Little Angels: The Brightest Christmas 2004

Enchanting story about five hip and hilarious children, who just happen to be Little Angels, who live to help children in need. In this very special Christmas story, a little boy named Daniel is left in charge of his younger brother and sister whilst their father goes out and looks for work.

The Golden hair 1979

Once upon a time, when the forest was almost impassable it there were only hunters. One day a young hunter saw on the shore of lake beauty with Golden hair. Will now have to fight the man for his love, because her hair woven into an asset, which does not want to say goodbye to her father, the mighty Snake.